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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies can involve two people of the same gender but also allow for a male and female, to celebrate their relationship without the legal formalities of a marriage. Couples opting for a Commitment Ceremony value their day and I am committed to ensuring that your ceremony is unique, thoughtful, heartfelt and memorable.

To enhance the ceremony content I provide all my couples with a selection folder. It is very user friendly and requires input from both parties, which is a great opportunity for you to share the preparations for your big day!


The folder provides you with a selection of choices from The Presentation through to the Exchange of Rings. Each couple also completes a questionnaire, which allows me to create your ceremony, written especially for you and most importantly about you. Before the Ceremony you will receive a draft copy to proof prior to the big day, which ensures you are getting exactly what you want.

I have a professional portable PA system, as it is important to me that everyone can hear and therefore enjoy your ceremony. Certificates can also be prepared to acknowledge your day and I provide a beautiful chair and table for the signing.

A Celebration Ceremony is also available to you, which is a fun option towards the end of the ceremony. I would value the opportunity to share in the celebration of your love and as a professional, am dedicated to ensuring your ceremony is special and memorable for you, your families and friends.