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Naming Ceremonies

Traditionally Naming Ceremonies are for babies but I am finding that a lot of couples are now having them for toddlers. Some families are even introducing more than one child at the same time.  Whatever your choice, a Naming Ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to introduce your child to your family and friends.

Certificates are provided including a Naming Certificate and Godparent Certificates. I customise these for each individual child, allowing for choice of colour and the logo used. Trains, fairies, teddy bears, the choice is almost limitless.


I personalise every ceremony because no two children are the same.  You get to choose a lot of inclusions in the ceremony and I ask you to answer a questionnaire about your child.  This ensures that the whole ceremony is uniquely yours and is specifically about your child.

Fun things we can incorporate include a Coin Ceremony or a Tree Planting Ceremony. A Naming Ceremony is a really special day, allowing for all your family and friends, to formally acknowledge your child and the significant role the child has in your and their lives and is a great alternative to a Church Christening or Baptism.